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Cooking Honey Powder 11 oz. Granule

Non GMO & Gluteen Free

Kosher Certified

100% Cane Sugar and 100% Pure Honey , 

No other ingredient

Cooking Honey Powder 11oz

  • Cooking Honey Powder. Honey powder contains no artificial additives and provides the flavor characteristics of honey, but without the liquid. A process of co-crystallization with refinery syrup produces this free-flowing tasty powder. The moisture content has been reduced to less than 1.5%, resulting in an easy to handle product with an excellent shelf-life.
    Use powdered honey in drinks, baked goods, and rubs or marinades in place of conventional sugar. Some discerning cooks believe that our honey powder is sweeter than sugar, to you may want to tweak your recipes to taste. Powdered honey is delicious in tea, lemonade, and cocktails, and is an exquisite enhancement to homemade whipped cream. Sprinkle a little over salmon or pork roast before baking, broiling or grilling for a nice sweet glaze.
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