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Local Honey (NO Import)
RAW Honey (Unfiltered & Uncooked)
FREE Chemical & Pesticide
Good Taste & Quality


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honey bees to collect only the finest nectar from wildflowers, clover, buckwheat etc.

Honeyway Raw Honey is known for its rich flavor and natural health benefits.  It is a remarkably long-lived food and will not spoil.

Honey Comb

Comb Honey

honeycomb is a structure made of beeswax created by honeybees in their beehives.

Storage unit for honey and pollen and as a nurturing environment for the bee brood. 


Premium Raw Honey with Others

  • w/Cinnamon(Ceylon)

  • w/Ginger

  • w/Ginseng

  • w/Royal Jelly

  • w/Matcha(Green Tea)

  • w/Turmeric

Specialty Raw Honey
Cinnamon Honey 12oz

Cinnamon Honey


Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

with Raw honey

Ginger Honey 12oz

Ginger Honey


Ginger Powder

with Raw honey

Ginseng Honey 12oz

Ginseng Honey


Ginseng Powder

with Raw honey

Royal Jelly Honey 12oz

Royal Jelly Honey


Royal Jelly Powder

with Raw honey

Matcha Honey 12oz

Matcha Honey


Matcha Powder(Green Tea)

with Raw honey

Turmeric Honey 12oz

Turmeric Honey


Turmeric Powder

with Raw honey

Raw Honey 12oz

Raw Honey


Raw honey

Unfiltered & Uncooked

Manuka Honey

Bee and Flower

This Manuka honey variety is derived from the nectar of flowers of manuka tree that grows in dry lands of New Zealand and Southeast Australia. Presence of the enzymeme glucose oxidase make it unique and beneficial compared to other varieties.

Manuka Tree

People are interested in manuka honey for its unique properties, potential health benefits, grading system, perceived potency and quality, ongoing research, and its status as a premium honey product

Cream Honey
Cream Honey 40oz Display
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