Specialty Raw Honey

Our delicious Varietal Honey comes only from the fields and orchards of the USA. Our Varietal Honey is unprocessed and unfiltered so that all its attributes are fully preserved. Because of this, all of its enzymes, vitamins and minerals are kept intact. It also contains some bee pollen, propolis and beeswax. This means that all of its original nutrients are fully preserved. Honeyway Varietal Honey has a distinctively rich taste and is highly prized for its flavor. Enjoy the benefits of beehive products.

Honeyway Raw Honey is 100% all natural unprocessed and unfiltered.It has all of its naturally occurring enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals are fully preserved. The beehives are kept in unsprayed and pesticide-free fields in orchard of Midwest Area U.S.A  allowing honey bees to collect only the finest nectar from wildflowers, clover, buckwheat etc. Honeyway Raw Honey is known for its rich flavor and natural health benefits.  It is a remarkably long-lived food and will not spoil.


Store at room temperature and do not microwave or refrigerate. Raw honey crystallized as natural.


Specialty Honey

Premium Raw Honey with Beehive items and other herbals.

  • w/Cinnamon(Ceylon)

  • w/Ginger

  • w/Ginseng

  • w/Echinacea

  • w/bee pollen

  • w/Royal Jelly

  • w/Propolis

  • w/Matcha(Green Tea)

  • w/Turmeric

Specialty Honey
Specialty Honey Gift
Manuka Honey umf 15+

This honey variety is derived from the nectar of flowers of manuka tree that grows in dry lands of New Zealand and Southeast Australia. This tree bears pink or white colored flowers from which the honey bees collect the nectar. Presence of the enzymeme glucose oxidase make it unique and beneficial compared to other varieties.


 Honey Powder

 Use powdered honey in drinks, baked goods, and rubs or marinades in place of conventional sugar. Some discerning cooks believe that our honey powder is sweeter than sugar, to you may want to tweak your recipes to taste. Powdered honey is delicious in tea, lemonade, and cocktails, and is an exquisite enhancement to homemade whipped cream. Sprinkle a little over salmon or pork roast before baking, broiling or grilling for a nice sweet glaze.

Cooking Honey Powder
Introducing a free-flowing mix of granulated 100% pure honey and cane sugar. Our Honey Granules easily adds a sweet honey taste to teas and cereals, or can be measured for recipes. Adding honey flavor to everyday foods has never been easier than with this convenient.
Honey powder contains no artificial additives and provides the flavor characteristics of honey, but without the liquid. A process of  co-crystallization with cane sugar produces this free-flowing tasty powder. The moisture content has been reduced to less than 1.5%, resulting in an easy to handle product with and excellent shelf-life.
The Sweetness of Our Honey Powder is equal to 1 1/2 x that of honey. Sweetness of 1 1/2 tsp of Honey Granules = Sweetness of 1/1/2 1tsp Honey.
Free flowing Powder for a taste of honey without the sticky mess.

It is Gluten Free and NON GMO product.