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Premium Sesame Oil 5oz(148ml) 2pc Gift Set.


This sesame oil is not for your everyday cooking oil but more as a fine finishing or dipping oil and it will go a long way. This Sesame Oil with 100% pure sesame oil (roasted and pressed). With special care is made to use the best quality sesame seeds, then roasted using the perfect temperature to avoid burnt or bitter tastes.


PREMIUM QUALITY 100% PURE SESAME OIL - Taste and experience the deep, rich flavor of our 100% authentic sesame oil made from premium lightly roasted sesame seeds. We only offer the most refined and pure oil without any preservatives or additives for complete genuine flavor.

RICH AND REFINED FLAVOR - Our beautiful bronze-colored sesame oil has a pleasant aroma, slightly sweet, intensely umami and complex flavor to all your favorite dishes.

ESSENTIAL STAPLE FOR ASIAN CUISINE - Sesame oil is a must have pantry staple for all oriental cuisines! Infusing this delicate flavor profile will give a delightful enhancement to your dishes.

VERSATILE FOR EVERY RECIPE - Our premium sesame oil has a multitude of perfect pairings. It serves as a dressing for salads, marinades for proteins, flavor booster for stir fries, base for sauces, and topping for soups and noodles! Our high quality oil is sure to elevate your foods with its sweet aroma and satisfying depth of flavor.

STORAGE - sesame oil has a very long shelf life and doesn't turn rancid easily like other oils. It will often last past expiration date and doesn't need to be refrigerated but you can refrigerate for even longer storage.

Premium Sesame Oil 2pc Gift Set

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